Tibetan Butter Tea Maker

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Also known as Chadung, Tibetan Butter Tea Maker is made of Wood with Rounded Brass lining.  It holds a symbolic meaning in history of Tibetan Buddhism and is used to prepare their traditional beverage.

Made with Fine Sheesham (Sisam) Wood

Length x Diameter ~ 36" x 5"

Weight ~ 3.3 Kgs

Volume ~ 4 litres

*metrics are an approximation. may differ slightly

For most people, Tibetan butter tea — po cha — is an acquired taste, since it is salty rather than sweet, and has a completely unexpected flavor.

Many non-Tibetans don’t care for it much at first, but come to love it when it is associated with warmth on a cold day and good times spent with Tibetan friends, or Tibetan communities in India or Nepal.
Some non-Tibetans find it helpful to think of it as a sort of light soup rather than as tea.

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